Monday, 16 November 2009

Thought for the week

In my opinion keeping an open mind is the way digital professionals have to be to have a chance at any real success. When I started out 12 years'ish ago the digital / eBusiness community was only populated with open minded people - that's how most of the web was made possible, tech played the smaller part in my opinion. I have to say that now it's not always the case. However, that's human nature, over time we gain experiences and it's natural to refer to them. Certainly in Western thinking we are allowed to challenge and argue the views of others openly, but this can waste time and cause friction. I find it easier to try ways of helping the minds of these people open once more. It helps the mind to work and then the rest follows.

"The mind is like an umbrella - it only works when it is open." Scientist Sir James Jeans (1877-1946)

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