Monday, 21 June 2010

Time out

I think getting real time out from the rat race is really difficult to plan for these days. When you go on holiday now there is some expectation that you are on 'the network' somewhere and therefore you are accessible / available in some way. Equally social media is so integrated into mobile that it goes with you as well. This is made even worse when you are in a 'digital' profession and you spend a large chunk of your time exploring this world and as a result adopt some different/bad behaviours - which I've seen in non-digital professional folk as well.

So, when you go away, as I did recently, with the promise of keeping people in the loop and 'the network' isn't there you really do take time out. This has a couple of real benefits:

1. You relax a lot more.
2. You focus on other things - perhaps more important things get more of your time.
3. And in my case you come back to 'the network' with a refreshed appetite for it.

All obvious stuff really. The lesson for me though is to factor in more of this approach over the normal course of my life so as to relax and re-energise more frequently and focus even more on the important things.

Time out is good.

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