Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Building Windows 8 - The Blog

The site in question: Building Windows 8 - The Blog

The initial post / introduction on the blog represents a rather boring and dry start (sorry Steven Sinofsky) to what seems to be a good idea (allowing people involvement / a behind the scenes look), and to what sounds like a hugely ambitious project given a sub-strapline like 're-imagining Windows'.

Around a billion people could end up using it, so you would have thought people might be interested in this blog. I'd actually argue that only a very specific set of people should be interested in it though. OS's, in my opinion, are better when they are simply behind the scenes doing what the users of them want them to do. I realise this is rarely the case and they are often over engineered for most people, and very likely to fall down on a number of key requirements. I wonder then that the real motivation 'to get involved' will be an early glimpse of the pain to come - with a little chance to stop it from happening.

When it's appropriate I'm going to post on the blog that I'd like to be able to tailor my operating system for my needs at the point of install and throughout it's time on my machine. Basically I'd like to be able to switch on and off a load of juice heavy things as and when I do and don't need them. And I know that most of this is possible via a mass of administration windows etc. but I'd like it to be on a single screen that's easy to use and has needs based options that a non-techie can easily understand.

I'll keep dreaming, and wondering, I expect.

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