Monday, 24 October 2011

The mobile internet needs to get more mobile

One of the major things I can still see hindering the utilisation of mobile devices to access the internet is two network operator level issues:

1. The network coverage is still rubbish. It seems wherever I go I'm rarely on a 3G signal (across multiple devices).

2. The country-to-country connectivity either fails or is so cost prohibitive it renders using it to only the most critical tasks.

Whilst I also see massive increases in public wi-fi this is still too low to make a real difference. And often indirectly costs us anyway - "would you like an over-priced coffee with your 'free' wi-fi sir?".

The mobile Internet is shifting to a cloud / integrated model across most platforms, this is likely to make this problem amplify for users. The network operators therefore need to step up.

The irony is that I wrote this on my iPhone whilst travelling on a train, and I absolutely recognise how marvellous mobile has become in recent years (I just wanted to put this balanced perspective forward).

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