Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Winter Madness

It's all happening in digital. Everyone is super stacked. Yet every day I read about the doom and gloom in the Metro on my way in to work. As I walk along Knightsbridge Green to go home, I make my way through a sea of Harrods bags. I get to the Tube Station and pick up an Evening Standard to read about the retail crisis. To be honest I know it is real, but it just doesn't feel like it most days.

Then I get the Gas, Electric and Telephone Bills or look at the bank balance and see how much we're spending on Groceries (not in an OCD way of course). Then I think to myself, how are we going to survive this? Taxes go up, on everything, all the time, and now the stuff like food or petrol, which, I used to take for granted, is as well. I guess the early part of the 20th century was spent finding cheaper more plentiful sources of natural resource and the 2nd half will be spent on finding innovative ways to get to them, and then better utilise them.

All this contradication and massive change to the world is just a little bit too much when combined with the madness of Chritsmas and Winter in the UK. Back to my little digital bubble I go...

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