Thursday, 29 October 2009

The personal touch

A colleague received this package in the post at the same time I received a pair of jeans. Both purchases were made online at the same time and where received at the same time. His was really nice, where as my package left me feeling cold and unloved by comparison.

Notice the hand written envelope and the way it just looks really cool. The pencil (that's right it's just a pencil) has been packaged and even contained a user guide! And that extra touch was added as it included a bit of origami. There was one slight let down and that is the reference to Matt being a 'small package'.


  1. Mat's bought a pencil from Japan... it must be a very special!

  2. It a special pencial that he used to have as a child. I think. I have to say it was a cool pencil.

  3. How did the Japanese guy know I have a small package though?!