Monday, 15 August 2011

It's not new - you know that right?!

Q: When was the first email sent? A: 1971
Q: When was the first website launched? A: About 20 years ago - 1991 (views vary)
Q: When was the first text message sent? A: 1992
Q: When was the first smartphone sold? A: 1993
Q: When was the first eCommerce transaction recorded? A: 1994
Q: How old is Amazon? A: 16 years old
Q: How old is Google? A: c. 13 years old
Q: How old is MySpace. A: 9 years old
Q: How old is Facebook? A: Nearly 8 years old

These dates are open to dispute, but you get the point - it isn't really that new anymore. Time to grow up Mr Web, you're in your 20's now and still acting like a child most of the time.


  1. Do we really want the web to 'grow up' though? A child is supposed to play, learn and evolve. Many believe that an adult cannot learn as much and can become 'stuck in the mud'. Standardising is good, but the Internet still needs to be 'fun'.

    Let's not put the web in a suit and tie 'just' yet (well, maybe an I'll-fitting one from Primark like a kid for his first interview).

  2. From my perspective growing up doesn't mean losing that play, learn and evolve nature, or becoming a stick in the mud or even wearing a suit. You know that. ;-)